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Denise Salmon is the Manager/Creative Writer at Fun Writings and Things...... Take a look at her E books and fiverr gigs. You will like her lyrics, poems, articles and she has a gigs for online advertising and more.....

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Denise Salmon a trained Creative Writer with a special gift. Her first book was published in 2010 and she has not stopped writing since then She writes songs , jingles ,poems, the best words for commercials or ads, children's stories ,articles and more. Her E books and fiverr gigs are now available here.

Writing has been a part of her life from the day her article was accepted by a magazine and her photo was placed on the cover. But she has discovered an ability to write with rhymes, as she enjoys writing for children a lot. And realized she was good at poetry , jingle writing and song writing . She also dreams of the day when all children will be aware of the things they can do to take care of the environment. So they can grow up to become responsible citizens of this great planet.

As Denise would like everyone here on planet earth to be able to look forward to a bright future. She thinks it would be good if more people could be motivated to do something more for the planet. So now you can find great e books here for Grandparents , parents , little girls and boys. You can also access great service with her fiverr gigs, now that she is a level 2 seller. You can order gigs for online advertising, motivation, articles for magazines or blogs and lyrics for songs, jingles and more.

Denise finds it gratifying to use her creativity to generate great songs for her clients so they are always leaving great reviews on her page. Your support for her project is always highly appreciated. And you will like making a contribution to a project that is designed to help children to have a bright future.


My first book was published in 2010 and I have been writing poems, songs and jingles on for the past 10 months



Jingle Writer



Fun Writings and Things

I write song, jingles, poems, slogans and Children's stories












Fun Writings and Things

Writing Songs , Poems , Ads, Jingles. Articles and more



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See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.



University of The West Indies

Writing for Children and Creative Writing

I enjoyed learning more about this skill that I love so much



Creative Writing

The Philip Sherlock Center at The University Of The West Indies


I enjoy writing with rhymes a lot. So that is the reason for my achievement on I am a level 2 seller

Writing for Children
Creative Writer
I write slogans
I write ads

Testimonials For Song and Jingle writing - copy

" A Great song Denise" aircloud007 3 months ago/

charliehearns " Wow. You have a talent sister! You cranked out three beautiful, fully rhymed work of art. Your songs are simple, yet very deep and touching work of art. You have exceeded all of my expectation, in just three hours!! Highly recommended. A++++" 10 days ago

"Perfect! Totally nailed the idea! would buy again! " 7 days ago

When we believe things will get better, and keep on trying, eventually they will

A Creative Writer

Ready To Write For You

Fun Writings And Things

Doing more so the children can have hope for a bright future

Testimonials For Song and Jingle writing

"aww great talent fast and professional i will certainly order again " rich2lor 5 months ago

"Amazing writing from a gifted writer, thanks so much Denise"! A+++++ ej_lear 1 day ago

"Excellent song, just right for children of that age. Now it will be easy for them to understand why it is important to save , and they will see it is easy to find money to save if they really want to. Good job" andrewreidlive 6 months ago

3 days ago " Outstanding Experience! " ethannz 10 days ago

" Good Experience! " general36971

25 days ago " I like it! Thanks for such great service! " ljfivestar about 2 months ago

.Sing new songs this year

Fun Writings And Things

Writing everything you want to sing and read


Take a look at a few of my favorite projects I’ve started or been a part of during the course of my career.

Fiverr Gigs

Get great Lyrics for your songs or jingles, Personalized poems , Banners for your Online advertising, great articles for your magazines and blogs, slogans for your advertising campaign and more. Another great way to contribute. Check out the fiverr gigs , there is a video with a sample of the lyrics here too. You will want to sing when you listen to it

E Books

Check out the E books and read about love ,motivation, peace , happiness, the paradise we call Jamaica and so much more. As you contribute to the great project for the children. The e books can be found right here on the first page of this site. Remember we can't say we want the children to have a future that is bright, if we don't tell them how to treat the environment right

Keep Our Planet Beautiful

Let's encourage our children to keep mother earth beautiful. You know we can't afford to continue allowing plastic to ruin our planet. When you contribute here they will be able to read more books about the simple things they can do to protect the environment and look forward to a bright future. They will have fun and girls will wear colorful accessories in their hair too while they learn to create a bright future for themselves. These beautiful head bands will be available soon. If you contact me and say you like them.


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